[sey-lee-uh nt, seyl-yuh nt] 


1. prominent or conspicuous: salient traits.
2. projecting or pointing outward: a salient angle.
3. leaping or jumping: a salient animal.
4. Heraldry. (of a beast) represented as leaping: a lion salient.
“Many fail to grasp what they have seen,
and cannot judge what they have learned, 
although they tell themselves they know.

Yet they lack the skill
to listen or to speak.

Whoever cannot seek 
the unforeseen sees nothing,
for the known way 
is an impasse.”

Fragments ~ Heraclitus

To see the unforeseen is a rare trait; it is hard enough to see what leaps out, manifest and unveiled.

Salient features of mine?
~Shameless Bibliophile: My bookshelf is my possession most prized, and I am a bit vain of it. Books capture my attention and I engage them will all of my senses; I peel off their jackets to feel the texture of their covers with my fingertips, I sink into the bath and immerse my eyes in text, I smell the pages and the threaded binding when I set them on my lips to think at pause, a sip of wine tasted as it rolls over my tongue and occasionally onto a page corner, listening to the rustle of the paper beneath impatient fingers.

~Inveterate Dilettante: Endowed with a healthy sense of adventure I’ll try anything once, or twice. I enjoy a great variety of activities regardless of what skill I may possess or lack in their execution. I am in favor of last-minute road trips, sleeping outside, playing loud music, and doing my best to eliminate the phrase “I have never” from common usage. One of my nicknames is “The Instigator” I seek things that make the heart pound and the blood race and the sweat pour.I believe deliberate consideration is best paired with joyous abandon.

~Perennial Smartass: I can’t help it; the tendency is impossible to resist. Like bad puns. And dirty jokes.

A few others leap to mind, too…