[prof-li-git, -geyt]  


1. utterly and shamelessly immoral or dissipated; thoroughly dissolute*.
2. recklessly prodigal, wasteful, or extravagant.


3. a profligate person.


Now, I don’t mean to imply here that I even have money to burn, so much as I seem to do it without even trying. Also that I am afflicted, perhaps more keenly than most, with the inability to live within my means.

It is altogether common for me to have zero dollars. Like, anywhere. Usually it happens by the beginning of the week when I get paid. Most of the time I just coast till payday and everything is fine. Every so often, things get kinda grim; so many cheese sandwiches can’t honestly be good for a person.

I can readily admit that this being so, perhaps the acquisition of a new (old) car at this particular moment in my life might be called into question in terms of its fiscal wisdom. I have decided not to listen to those pesky thoughts, and people, and simply really really really enjoy driving my new (old) car.  

Having this happen at Christmastime was perhaps not the most fortunate timing, but since Svanja stands in as my present, and the child was already tended to in that respect, I’m just rolling with it; counting the hours till payday, which will allow me to throw some actual wood on that fire, instead.


*As I explained recently, I prefer “libertine” along with my modified definition. Feel free to come to your own conclusions on the subject.