Kinetic energy introduced into an open system will be transferred with diminishing force as friction acts upon it. Additionally, counter-velocity may also serve to bring established momentum to a halt. Any attempt to regulate outcomes within a system – almost by necessity – must be accompanied by a concerted effort to minimize novel influences upon said system.


But sometimes isolation undermines conditions within the system in unpredictable ways.


Moreover it is not always possible, nor even desirable, to achieve true sequestration. Without neoteric stimuli, systemic stagnation is inevitable. Additionally, while much can be observed and understood by appreciating a system fortified against external influence, there can be no means by which to permanently inure against all intervention of the unexpected. Indeed, to best discern the true tolerances of any system, it must be subjected to scrutiny under a variety of elemental variances.



The data is derived both at strike and in swing

The data is derived both at strike and in swing


The Physics of Truth; the Truth of Physics. These means by which wisdom is won.





For the science types among you; relax, it’s just a fucking metaphor