Yesterday was my first full day of Noom. After downloading the app and poking around the first day, it encourages you not to weigh yourself, or even do much of anything except agree to believe you can be successful. 

Okay, I’m in!

Daily Weight: 157.4

One of the elemental steps for using this system is a daily weigh-in. While I don’t have “scale anxiety” I’ve never really been a fan of the daily weigh in strategy. Also, I’m not sure I entirely trust an electronic scale, but it’s what I’ve got, so there I am.

Personally, I have always felt like weekly weigh ins were more meaningful since, as even Noom concedes, weight can fluctuate from day to day for all sorts of reasons, such as:

  • Did I drink an unusual amount of water?
  • Am I bloated from steroid use?
  • Is Mercury in retrograde?
  • Have I pooped yet?

That being said, I understand part of being able to see incremental progress, as well as ensuring my results are reflective of complete adherence to the program, I climbed up there.


However, it is down a bit from a recent 159 so, I’m trying to think positive.

Then it was time for breakfast. About which I have mixed feelings. Sometimes I simply do NOT want to eat right when I get up. Other times I am famished. This particular morning, I wasn’t hungry, but planning to go skiing and knew I needed the fuel; also, I didn’t want to be hungry and have to eat some resort crap later.

I ate some oatmeal with a bit of peanut butter stirred in and logged it as I ate. Having previously used MyFitnessPal to track my meals, I found the interface in the Noom app much easier and more pleasant to use. I was interested to see that PB is considered a “red” food with high caloric density. I had always considered it almost a freebee, so it was helpful to have this called to my attention.

The way the app creates a visual representation of the mix of food choices is really helpful. This, while not including any shaming tone. The information is presented neutrally, but in simple and clear terms. Other apps I have used, in a misguided attempt at building accountability, responded to certain entries with a message that felt like I was being scolded, which of course didn’t compel me to be totally honest or consistent about reporting my habits.

I also found it useful when, after lunch, I saw my running total for the day. It turns out a huge salad with steak, blue cheese, sunflower seeds, and champagne vinagrette will use up like 70% of your daily calorie allowance. Go figure. This allowed me to plan my evening meal accordingly, and not exceed my budget by more than a few calories here and there. 

On the whole it was a good first day. I like interacting with the app, and have set notifications to remind me to eat and log my food. So far, so good.