Daily Weight – 153.7

On my second morning, it became clear there was some kind of funky about my weigh in. Either the day before, or now, because one does not simply lose 4 pounds in one day without even trying. More’s the pity. 


More weighs-in would clear that up, so there wasn’t much point dwelling on it. 

I poured myself a bowl of Kix and sat to complete my first daily activities. The first thing I noted was that to my suprise, KIX IS A RED FOOD. Even though it’s relatively low in calories and sugar, the caloric density isn’t great. It makes sense on some level, but I was surprised nevertheless. This was the first time Noom’s analytics taught me something new. It wouldn’t be the last. 


I admit, I really like the immediate feedback this system delivers. Knowing that my breakfast already burned 1/3 of my “red zone” foods made me a little more careful about how I planned the rest of my day. 

On the other end of the “gee, that’s not what I would have assumed” spectrum was dinner. I dimly remembered from another run at losing some weight, that Wendy’s Chili was one of the best fast food options you could get. Low cal, high fiber, and quite yum. The pantry was a bit bare after skipping the grocery store last week, so I decided to pop out and grab something. 

1 large chili and small fry later (488 calories total) I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Chili was green, and the fries were yellow! This ran completely counter to my expectations; low key breakfast cereal RED, fast food dinner, yellow and green. Who knew?

Another feature I discovered to my utter delight is the recipe tab

During the course of the day, Noom tracks your current calorie and “color” proportions, then takes this information to offer a list of food choices that are in budget for remaining meals. This is SO INCREDIBLY HELPFUL. Even on my best days I tend to suffer from a form of paralysis related to trying to decide what to eat. Having a list of choices – along with the instructions to make it – right at my fingertips, along with the impact on my remaining calorie budget is INCREDIBLY helpful. I would say that even without any of the other useful and interesting things Noom does, this alone makes it distinct and worthwhile.

We did take a trip to the grocery that night. I left a lot of things on the shelf I would have been inclined to grab in the past. I also added some sugar free pudding and popped rice cakes to the cart. I know in the past, it was important to have reasonable stand-in choices for chips and candy, so these were serviceable alternatives for hitting those buttons. The gummy worms in the checkout lane were calling my name in their wormy little mewling voices. though. I did resist. Go me. 

So, on this day I managed to come in almost 200 calories under my total allowance. I wasn’t aiming to do that, but it was nice to feel like I could do that while still feeling satiated and enjoying what I’d eaten. I’m starting to think this might work out after all!