Saturday – Daily Weight 153.4

There’s nothing like a change in routine to throw a girl off track.

During the week, I am home alone most of the day working remotely. As such, there is a specific structure to my day.

  • Get up
  • Walk Dog
  • Or, if lazy, take dog into backyard and carry weight of guilt as bad pet parent
  • Find food
  • Clock in
  • Take break
  • Eat Lunch
  • Take break
  • Clock out
  • Repeat morning struggle re: walking the dog – fetch is just as good, right?
  • Find Food

On the weekends, though, most of that goes out the window. I try to take Enzo on extra-long walks on my days off to make up for the fairly short and not entirely consistent walks we take (or don’t) the rest of the time. However, the threat of Snowpocalypse 2019 kept me inside most of the day. We did go out and play in the snow a few times, but I was standing still mostly.


This was also the day Noom brought up the largest challenge currently; cravings

It was helpful to have the subject brought up, and Noom does so in typical cheeky style. I appreciate the utter lack of any judgment and  the can-do positivity of the message. When certain messages about sugar are framed as an “addiction” from which one needs to “detox” it can start to feel overwhelming, and the process seems much more intimidating. The friendly, low-key tactics Noom employs makes it much easier to imagine developing a healthier relationship with sugar and sweets. 


I also used the recipe tab for the first time to good effect. I had kinda gone overboard in the morning and needed something that wasn’t going to shove me way over my allotment for the day. I found a Thai Chicken salad that turned out to be very very tasty. Thanks Noom, for breaking my food-related decision fatigue!

Sunday: Daily weight 153.3

Sunday was a different kind of challenge. Until this point, I had skipped any kind of alcohol intake as a waste of precious calories. However, I had a ladydate scheduled, and didn’t want to be a party pooper. Also, the pedicure salon is 2 doors down from my favorite cheeseburger around.

So, for breakfast, I had a cheeseburger and a bloody Mary. It was delicious, but I knew that was encroaching on a huge chunk of my allowance for the day. On top of which, I also had a beer after the pedicure, just to be sociable.

Noom talks about these social triggers, and I can see this is one of my most problematic. I love going out to eat. Love it. I would eat out everyday if it wasn’t prohibitively expensive and calorically disastrous. So, when the occasion arises for socializing, it always seems natural to suggest a meal or cocktail as the context. I do sometimes make an effort to suggest something not related to consuming something, but that turns out to be pretty weather/cash flow dependent.

Today was the day Noom introduced the idea of activity tracking beyond just a step count. It now allows me to enter different kinds of exercise and adds 1/2 a calorie to my budget for every one burned. I think this is a super smart way to look at it, since in the past, I had a tendency to use working out as a free pass to fat ass. By only giving back 1/2 a calorie, I’m less likely to wipe out my efforts with extra food.


After surveying the damage from my morning, I realized I only had a few hundred calories left for the rest of my day. Luckily I continued to feel pretty full until about dinnertime, so I wasn’t tempted to eat any more. And holy wow, there is no green anywhere in that food wheely thing. Oops.

I did chores for 4.5 hours, and was able to log that as activity. I earned back about 215 calories that I promptly spent on a frozen pizza. My analysis for the day was deeply red. Even still, I kept to my calorie budget.

It helped a lot to keep a more informed eye on just how many calories I was taking in. Turns out most people vastly underestimate the number of calories in food and end up overeating as a result. I was able to decide I wanted the cheeseburger more than I wanted an extra meal, and then select my activity level and food intake accordingly thereafter.

Clearly, the answer is more chores…