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you should go look at it.

I feel I must explain. I have an extremely boring job. I have calculated the time necessary to complete all the tasks assigned me as somewhere around 2 1/2 hours. Per week. I have to be here to answer the phone, and that is my primary function overall, but other than that, my time is almost maddeningly my own. I have internet access to a certain extent (no myspace or youtube) and have tried to devise various methods of edutaining myself all damn day.

I discovered that the internet filter that thwarts certain online activities seems happily to allow pretty much every google module I try to access. Hence, this blog and my new favorite web plaything: iGoogle.

I have my favorite blogs up there (word to Lyza and LOLSecretz), my news from the BBC, Wiki, weather, a game of hangman, a sticky note to myself which tells me to breathe and smile, my calendar, and various other time killers all arranged into a pleasingly readable format. And I have applied a theme to all of this goodness.

And that’s where Todd comes in. You see, my theme is the Teahouse. It depicts the activities of a little Japanese fox during the course of his day, which is timed to coincide with Pacific Standard. So each morning, Todd sits out on the dock and does his fishing for the day, then at about 9am he rows his little boat across the pond and climbs the ladder to pick some oranges. By 11 he’s settled down to eat his charming little lunch, and in the afternoon, he’s doing the wash.

He’s such a productive and well-ordered little fellow, I am slightly jealous of his industry. Not to mention the 2 hours he seems to have for lunch. I follow his progress back and forth across the pond and wonder what he does at night, since I have to go home, and don’t have the internet there… I like to think the teahouse lights up with soft illumination at about 8pm and maybe Todd sits out on the porch stargazing until at 10 or so he snuggles up on his futon and drifts into sweet foxy slumber.