Or, it might as well be, with respect to me spending yet another holiday season ALL ALONE!

It’s cool though, I have like practically FOUR months to come to terms with it.




1. The calculation of the quantities of chemical elements or compounds involved in chemical reactions.
2. The branch of chemistry dealing with relationships of combining elements, especially quantitatively.
Every so often I am deeply tempted to do something that all true scientists hate; apply a precise term which refers to a specific process to a nebulous theoretical socio-emotional situation. But, good Goddamn, sometimes the poetry of science is more subtle and profound than any verse could ever hope to be.
Herein we refer to the quantitative expression of the interplay between components in a chemical reaction.  How much of each constituent is required to balance a process; to drive conversion and leave no elements unused. An operation rationalizing each portion necessary to allow distinct factors to coalesce. 
Apart from Physics, Chemistry classes were always my hardest; yet how I wish it were that easy…