it involved laundry.

and as anyone who knows me knows, this is serious shit.

last year, i had to change my detergent after six or seven years of loyalty to the same brand and scent. i did this because my former boyfriend started using my brand of soap while we were together. so then all of his laundry started to smell like mine, and when he was no longer my boyfriend, but i longed for him, my laundry smelled like him and this upset me.

so.  my nose and i spent some serious time perusing the laundry aisle and came upon “Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day: Geranium” which smelled wonderful AND was girly enough that no man for whom i might someday long could possibly want to adopt as his washing soap.

and, you know, that worked ok. except that a) the soap didnt leave a distinct aroma on the clothes once they were dry (boo), 2) you could usually only find it at Zupans, and usually not in my preferred scent (also, boo) and 3) it was SO FREAKING EXPENSIVE I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT (extra double boo)

yesterday was the end of the line for me and Mrs Meyer’s.

went to freddy’s and put the sniffer to work. lo and behold…

good old tide (in a slightly more froofy package) with a vanilla and lavender scent. and it smells like heaven. hodie, who generally could not care less about this crap, smelled it and the following conversation ensued:

“doesn’t that smell good?”

“no, that smells AMAZING!”

also, co-workers. who also dont usually care about how i smell. everyone had to acknowledge the awesomeness of this aroma. so, yay.

oh, and i got a tattoo.