I do NOT however, love the bastards who have had their grubby little mitts on him all these past few weeks. I finally manage to escape the purgatory-on-wheels that IS the Ford Mucous only to discover some day-and-a-half later that someone BROKE the console in the middle of my car and CUT THE WIRES which operate my gas can flap release.

SO when I pulled into the gas station (typically, on fuuuuuuuuumes) the attendent looks at me like I am a retard because the repeated attempts to open said gas flap are unsuccessful.

Now everyone knows I am usually VERY SKILLED at opening my gas flap. In fact, I rarely shut my gas flap. So I find it very distressing indeed when I cannot do so when and whither I will.

They took it back. Ostensibly they are fixing it. They dropped me off at work, so as of this moment, I do not know how I am going to get back to my car, or thence, home.