I can effect a variety of maintenance and repair operations on my own car. 


I know. it’s shocking.


I mean, it must be, since the sight of me in front of a car with its hood up, though in no apparent distress, causes men of all ages and stripes to be magnetically attracted to my person and thence required somehow to offer me advice about what I might want to do differently than whatever it is I am already doing, even if what I am doing happens to be the correct thing.



I replaced a headlamp bulb on Klaus today. It’s really an extremely simple process. I can, and have, also replace: brakes, plugs and wires, batteries, tires, dashboard components, various fluids, a gearshift, and even jimmy-rigged an undetectable plexi-glas replacement window. i think it is important to be able to manage these relatively simple mechanical tasks for oneself so as to be extra tough and cool in the eyes of sweaty men-beasts. oh, no wait, actually because people should just be able to handle basic maintenance for themselves no matter what their gender.

yet, no one wanted to leave me in peace to make this repair. at least none of the random dudes at the NAPA on 82nd anyway…

** i am aware this is not a photo of me working on my current car, but you get my point…