my good friend leslie, her husband mikael, and their impending offspring are moving far away to the mitten state (ie Michigan) very soon indeed. it came about in a bit of a whirlwind, and i think i’m still adjusting to the idea that they’re really leaving. there are many things about this that make me sad, and many things about having them here that i will miss. such as:

  1. passing out blind drunk on their couch. they have had a succession of very comfortable couches and i have ended up crashing on more than one of them.
  2. their kittehs, particularly Matey, with whom i have a special one-eyed bond. we are even gimpy IN THE SAME EYE!
  3. head-bobbing-show-going type activity.
  4. camping! best camping trip i ever went on was with leslie & her parents. going to try to convince them they still want to hang out with me even after their daughter leaves the time zone.
  5. mutual appreciation of margaritas (see item #1)
  6. convenient close-in hawthorn location!
  7. jamming in the studio, pretending to be a rockstar.
  8. various other feats of tomfoolery i only seem to find when with them
  9. the excellent addition they make to my social circle

they’re buying a nice big house out there in Michigan, so i’m hoping items 1 & 2 can still be had, if only after a cross continental airplane ride.

this weekend we are going out to the gorge for a farewell campout & hootenanny. should be good times, if poignant.