and i am not talking about my karaoke partners from last night…

no, rather that this seemed to be a week steeped in a particular type of sentiment: a transient, elusive, and utterly singular sort that only makes sense to me, i’m sure.

i like to pretend to be tough and/or cool, but really i am all squashy inside. and yet, even for me, some of the things that have set me smiling at the sweetness i felt, upon reflection, seem sort of amusing.

such as:

  • hodie went to go get the both of us a drink of water. there were only two vessels left in the cupboard. she took the plastic cup and brought me the large glass jar. she says “i know you don’t like drinking out of plastic mommy. but, i did give myself more ice” aww. and haw!
  • ranting about sisterdrama. recalling PREVIOUS sisterdrama. relating the time i had to go verbally flay boneheaded boyfriend of said sister. someone listening to all of this vitrol turns to me and says “you know, you’re a really good sister.” whaa? for yelling? CAN DO!
  • very manly man hurt himself. i offered him a hello kitty bandaid. he wore it. to work. smiling.
  • various grown up male friends of mine who have no children hainging out with me and hodie to watch stars fall. then subsequently telling me what a cool kid i have.