deep breaths.

i spent most of my day off yesterday running around doing trip prep. even my lunch date with TBIL ended up detouring to REI so we could buy gear for our respective outdoor jaunts. he needed biodegradable potty paper. i am happy to say, i will not be going QUITE that rustic.  i did buy a super kick ass Benchmark® atlas-cum-recreation guide, nalgene, and RIDONKULOUSLY bright LED flashlight. couldn’t find any pepper spray (which was more for the peace of mind of my loved ones than for me) but the bear repellent was like $45. i’ll take my chances with smokey for that price.

went over and bought a 1/4 cord of firewood, which as it turns out, is WAAAAAAAY more wood than will fit in the cargo box i am borrowing from Mr Pencil. packed spare logs in all the places in the car that wont be likely to send slivers of barkdust into my bed. leaving the rest at home for later use in our little patio firebowl. also seized by the realization that all that time alone in the car is BEGGING for a pack of fancy expensive* smokes. so i stopped at the smoke shack on Foster and procured a package of Nat Sherman Natural Mint Cigarettes. i’ve promised myself i wont smoke one until i’m on the road, but oh, the sheer joy at sliding them across the counter, at holding the square green box in my hands. also, got a bright shiny new lighter of the crack torch variety. heeee hee hee.

spent the rest of the day shopping and packing and organizing and sorting. crates of kitchen items, bags of bathroom stuff. cameras**, ipod, tarot cards & books, guitar, journal, bicycle, knee braces, frisbee (maybe i’ll meet a friendly transient in the wilderness who wants to play?!)***

and all other manner of goodies to try and keep myself occupied on my journey. all needs done now is to fill my spare with air, load everything into Klaus, and roll.

am planning to avoid the internets (assuming i would even have service). may have apoplexy keeping away from twitter. we’ll see….

*turns out my fancy smokes are lots less expensive if i buy them in the ghetto!

**have managed to lose media card for one camera and have only flaky crazy weird wont-turn-on-all-the-time camera plus one disposable film camera to get me through. peeewp.

***maybe this is why i need the pepper spray…