there isn’t always a countdown. i’ve resisted the urge to do so the last few years, but for some reason, i am ALL ABOUT m embracing my customary (though admittedly ridiculous) amount of enthusiasm for all things birthday.

so, at T- 32 days, there is still much to be done:

  • find purple gloves and red wig for costume cause this year instead of only TALKING about being Jessica Rabbit i am actually going to DO IT. sheesh
  • obtain pumpkins, and carve them
  • take hodie down to the haunted trail and hope she does not repeat her larceny
  • call mother and request she make me a batch of The Best Carmel In The Known Universe and then hoard it
  • find ingenious new ways to subtly, but unmistakably indicate my desire for various birthday gift items
  • devise system wherein my closest friends & loved ones will not bludgeon me before my birthday just to get me to shut the hell up about my birthday.

that last one’s going to be tricky.