well, after Halloween anyway…

and not because i am a patriot. cause, well, i’m not.  i mean, i like it here in the states and everything, but i would in no way call myself super enthused about the birth of various presidential types. except that it affords a wide avariety of people i quite enjoy to congregate in a small resort town and party their asses off. hoo-fucking-ray

i am only in my second iteration of what has apparently been going on for about 12 years now, but this is a weekend i have been looking forward to for months. folks i love doing things i adore in a place that tends to foster experiences i cherish. who could ask for better?

AAAAAAAAAAAND this year, i’m taking hodie. which is a Big Deal. i haven’t been inclined to think she was ready for these kind of grownup-intensive trips in the past, but the grace, intelligence, and perception of my child has been breathtaking of late, and i felt that not only would she behave herself, she would be a credit to me, and an entertaining contribution to the overall social swirl at play. a child rasied very much in the presence of adults, i think she’ll enjoy herself too. she’s already beaten me at quarters… now she can take someone else on. someone who presents more of a challenge than her motor-skill deficient mother. at first i thought we’d work as a team; she’d toss and i’d do the shots, but on these meds i’m not allowed to drink, so she’s just going to have to do her own shots*.

we have many plans i am excited about. some astrophotography courtesy of friends David & Lyza, football/frisbee in the snow, games galore, a dance party (this child knows how to shake it), a go-round on the surfing machine, and a day on the slopes are all in the offing.  there is a fair amount of squealing and hopping going on in the house. she is rolling her eyes at me alot as a result.

i am so proud of this girl. humbled by her sweetness and wit. i take very little credit for this, but i most pleased to be privy to the truth of it.

*i’m kidding about the shots.