While sitting at the dr’s for something completely unrelated, I was sitting in the lobby at the doctor yesterday, when I suddenly felt like some cosmic force came out of nowhere to wallop me full in the face with the Nerf bat of sickness. And though I was there early (as is my wont) they were, of course, running late.

 So I am languishing in this grim waiting room slumping further into my cheap vinyl chair, eyes and nose streaming, sneezing explosively and repeatedly while people who arrived after me are being called first. It was like that scene from Beetlejuice; but with real snot. I wondered briefly if I was being punished for my waywardness…

My head reels, I’m exhausted, and I feel like I’m going to start hallucinating any second; and not in the fun way.

My misery was apparently evident; when I stopped to pick up some Thai food, the lovely girl behind the counter first offered me water while I waited, took a closer look at me and said

“Can I please make you some tea?”

The sweetness of this gesture mitigated somewhat, my dismay at realizing I must look as bad as I feel. 

The pad Thai was delicious, if much spicier than I anticipated… Oddly, it seemed to help; my sinuses were clear and the heat seemed to perk me up a bit, burning lips and all.

Unfortunately the relief was temorary. Looks like it’s going to be a Theraflu Thanksgiving!