I’ve been doing some running. There are things I want to put behind me, and things I want to find yet to come. Last weekend I clocked my very first 5 mile run ever, and though I was winded, sore, exhausted and had blisters ON TOP OF my blisters, I was very proud of myself when it was over.

Two-Thousand Twelve was unquestionably one of the most difficult years I have ever passed. I confronted excruciating realizations and tremendous upheaval. Many things broke irreparably. Places that were once hidden from notice and all hope of light were revealed, and though it was singularly painful I am deeply grateful that is so; the cause unimportant, the results unutterably consequent.

It seemed to require the stripping away of every comfort and any pretense that I wake to the wisdom I have admonished myself to remember. These lessons I have gone so far as to sink into my very flesh, the better to recall it:

  • I am able to get wherever I want to go under my own power.
  • I am able to learn new things at any time.
  • I am able to influence my own realty
  • I am able to find my way through darkness.
  • I am able to avail myself of unconditional love at any time.

 These are crucial things that I know and still forget from moment to moment. They are essential to the task of trusting myself to care tenderly for the vulnerable creature I am unto this very day.

And so I put my feet to pavement, to put some things behind me, and draw nearer to my own future.