Remove all points of reference and it becomes remarkably difficult to make any accurate measure.

Minus the elements which have previously provided context there remain no means by which to determine whether these steps are earning progress, holding ground, losing to retreat. Absent cues, triggers, and intimations it is seductively easy to see the horizon drawing closer, and close, with each advancing step; regardless of actual relative locus.

The nature of experience is such that there are no practice rounds – no iterations solely reserved to gain equilibrium – no apprenticeship for life. 

And never being one to do anything in half measures, I hied and hurried from the desert down into the sea. Ignoring the caution I had gathered so carefully to my purpose. In pursuit of my aim at the center of all things, spurning the wisdom which might keep me from tumbling a winding way back to the edge of the desert once more. 

Humbled then, I set my feet to approach the shore slowly now, once more; this time to count my steps and breaths as the surest means of measure.