This hexagram describes your situation in terms of rising to a higher level, It emphasizes that setting a [loftier] goal and working toward it step by step is the adequate way to handle it. To be in accord with the time you are told to ascend!

I-Ching (Ritsema & Karcher)  


At times when I am set a-tilt, I often turn to oracle for advice, wisdom, and direction. My first step is usually to settle myself at my altar and pull a tarot card or two. Though it is always comforting, I am occasionally too distracted, overwrought, or invested in hoping for a particular outcome to absorb the lesson it tries to convey. When I remain stymied, I call upon the I-Ching for clarification.

Somehow the hexagram always shines truth with absolute clarity where the tarot can be shrouded in layers of meaning not always readily apparent; the I-Ching demands very little to be understood, and the cards claim more attention for greater reward. Each method carries its unique benefits and detriments, so using them situationally, and in concert seems to yield the best results. 

And it seems, at this time, I am meant to exceed my own expectations; to strive for more than I have asked of or for myself. A weighty admonition, but one I finally feel strong enough to bear. 

Onward, and upward