Been mulling this one for a long time indeed. I have wanted a running buddy, frisbee friend, camping partner, and general adventuremate. 

This is Jenkins. He’s a 1.5 year old Red Heeler mix. I can’t quite decide what I think he’s mixed with; almost seems shepard-like, but the floppy ears are a bit of a mystery. He’s much taller than your average cattle-dog and not quite as stout. His tail is also quite long and curvy. I’m sure I’ll eventually figure it out; a trip to the vet is in the offing, so that’ll be something to ask about.

He’s high energy, very smart, and while he’s breed-typically willful, he’s also reasonably compliant and quite sweet. He’s lean and fast. We tried running this morning, but since he came from Clatsop County originally, I think the ultra urban setting was a little distracting/disconcerting. He did great in the park last night, so I think we need to stick to a quieter atmosphere while we’re working on leash manners.

He’s a happy boy and not aggressive in the least; great around dogs and kids. I noticed bikes whizzing past seemed to make him nervous. Traffic noises also seemed to disturb him a bit, but I’m confident with gentle exposure and experience, he’ll mellow right out. He does have an odd relationship with stairs; bolts up them at full speed almost in a panic. He’s already bonked his noggin on the wall of the landing at home trying to get upstairs at about 56 m.p.h.

He’s pretty affectionate when the mood strikes and seems to love to climb into laps, despite being way too big to fit comfortably. He wants desperately to sleep in the bed with me, which for now at least, is a big no-no. After encouraging him to get comfy on the floor, he scooted under the bed and rested there with his snout poked out from under the blanket. Adorable.

Much like a new baby, he kept me awake most of the night being restless, but I am happy to say he is both house-broken and very rarely vocalizes. 

I’m very excited about the new member of the household, and feel like with consistency, gentle correction, and patience, he’s going to be the best go-pal ever.