So, it’s Friday.

I accepted a new job back in January. Having relinquished my pseudo-gypsy lifestyle in favor of a new car and health insurance has generally been a positive change, but the difference between 24 and 40 hours a week is substantial.

I always knew I was a bit spoiled; even when I was working 3 jobs at a time, it was still the case that I’d work one day, and then have a day off. I’d work another day, and then have one off. I’d work one more day, and then I’d have two off. It was the life. True, I was broke all the time, but good god the glorious time to accomplish things. 

Suffice it to say, now that I go to work every weekday, things have changed. I like my new job, I am just feeling the no-longer-abundant proportion of free time somewhat keenly. Apart from the lack of time to get chores, tasks, and projects done there is also a considerable dearth of time to just do not a goddamned thing which I could not have predicted I would miss so much. Oh, were one to know the glorious indulgence of being bored when one was it. 

Perhaps it makes what I am about to assert seem rather obvious; now that I have so much less free time, the bit I do is much more precious to me. I think about how to spend it more carefully, and do my level best to fill it – at least with a little not a goddamned thing – but also with people and activities I love best.

Which is why I’m up for a jam-packed weekend of doing things I adore. Out to White Salmon for a Naramore Acres moviefest and Blerch* Dash. Back to Portland for niece Billie’s birthday party. Finally a day devoted to laying around until the last possible moment before getting up and doing all my chores in a frenzied whirlwind of vacuuming, laundry, and mattress flipping.

I can hardly wait.


*All due acknowledgement to The Oatmeal here. Les and I were beside ourselves with excitement when the Beat the Blerch was announced last year. We didn’t move fast enough and registration filled with lightning speed. There’s another race scheduled for mid-September this year, and we are avowedly in training, till then. We’re gonna have to get some cake.