klaus and i have been violated. again. 

got a phone call this morning from my landlady. one of the other residents at my complex called her to say my car was broken into. argh. no one else’s car was burgled. just mine. this is not the first time this has happened either. last march i had someone smash and grab when i was out at a show. they even broke the same goddamn window.

on the plus side: i usually tend to be totally moronic and not lock my doors and/or leave all manner of important stuff in my car. last night, for whatever reason i brought all my stuff inside, apart from a bag with my camera in it. which sucks, cause that camera was cute as hell. also, i was so caught up in running out to look at the car i failed to notice if my trek was still sitting on the patio. that’ll torment me til i get home… they busted my window, but did not get my wallet, ipod, or blackberry. so. there’s that.

renters insurance is a good thing. shopping for a new camera (and possibly bike) might be fun. small comfort overall.

i must have been a really evil bitch in a past life.