(Modern Library Paperbacks) by Edmund Morris

this book was truly an effort. usually i can snork up an 800 page book in a matter of days, but this one took me a full three weeks to consume. i found myself enjoying it, but needing to take breaks so as to not feel overwhelmed by the scope of the material. which is perhaps fitting for the subject in question. “Teedie” was an overwhelming kind of guy. well educated, worldly, overbearing, enthusiastic, headlong in all his pursuits, i sort of imagine reading this book to be a little like meeting him: interesting in the extreme but leaving one with the feeling of needing a breather. personal details contrast nicely with the political and social machinations of this legendary man. approachable language and a wealth of research come together in this text to make for one of the finest biographies i have ever read. recommended.
Modern Library (2001), Edition: Reprint, Paperback, 920 pages
tags: biography, America, Europe, history, politics