i’ve always been a little obsessed with my vision, or more precisely, my lack of vision. by which i do not mean to imply an impaired imagination, or failure to plan, but instead, very literally, the physiological constraints on my ability to see. some time ago now, i consulted with a neurologist who told me all sorts of interesting things about my vision, how it might be impacting me, and what i might do to change it.


this revelation concurred with some other fairly important evolutionary events in my life; not least of which learning how to play the guitar, and becoming able to perform music i wrote, as opposed to just having songs trapped in my head. all of this resulted in my being able to think about myself and my music in a very new way. so, when i started working on my first album, i decided to call it diplopia  in deference to the impact having this condition has had on my personality and temperment, and how it seemed that in a very real way, images i perceieved frequently fell in disparate and noncorresponding points.  plus also, i liked how it sounded.

yet now, my diplopia is beginning to resolve. vision therapy has wrought a change i thought impossible, and i begin to see… in a more typical way. sometimes this is incredibly distracting and strange, but mostly, it is exciting and wonderful. there are still many moments where i stray, where there are multiple realities to confront in my line of sight, but with greater frequency, things are beginning to look like one, and only one, version of reality.

 there are enough songs and then some. Diplopia  though unfinished, is complete.

what’s more, other things have changed. evolution continues apace. i’m an older person, with more experience. a better guitar player, in love with a different person. its time to begin the next album.

so, then…