and she is definitely doing so today. everytime i look at the clock i am shocked all over again at what time it only is. sheesh.

the highlight of my day so far was the following exchange:

(me) so i am bringing home a bag of potatoes for dinner

(hodie) ooh!

(me) and some kielbasa.

(she) ooh!

(me) guess what we are having for dinner?

(she) potatoes and kielbasa?

(me-astounded) are you PSYCHIC?? how did you KNOW??

(she) *rolls eyes. i can HEAR this through the phone*

this, my friends, is what i have been reduced to. there are only so many ways of driving around facebook and killing time. i have driven everyone who loves me to the point of madness with various plan-making and plan-remaking conversations over the course of the last few days, so i feel obligated, for the sake of these loved ones, to sit on my hands and stop bothering the crap out of them. and of course, traffic in the clinic has slowed down just at this most inopportune moment. sigh.