i will begin by saying that i have other, more serious feelings about the economy tumbling downhill, but they are not as amusing as the following sentiments. so.

i have not had a haircut since April. this is actually okay since i am trying to rock the long hair thing, but ultimately a trim would be nice. more upsetting is my lack of funds for other, more crucial elements of my toilet. (pronounce that twah-let, if you please)

i seem to be pathologically incapable of painting my own toenails. i’m not exactly sure why this is, apart from my debilitating lack of hand-eye coordination, but it is nevertheless true. if i try and happen to be working with red, my feet end up looking like the scene of an unsuccessful amputation attempt. and i have learned from experience, no one thinks this is cute.
i discovered the joys of the $20 pedicure on 21st avenue some years ago, and i have never looked back. i have nice feets, and a little polish can go a long way. however, due to the BTOD i have been reluctant in the extreme to go have a professional person look at my mangled toenails. finally, in desperation, i asked TBIL to paint them for me, since my halloween costume required open toed shoes. he was game, and did a decent job overall, but i doubt he’s up for semi-monthly pedicure duty, no matter how much he likes me. now that the nails are finally beginning to look normal again, it’s more a problem of funding the project than worry over horrifying the nail techs.

in this same vein, i have been forced to neglect my eyebrows to an extent which is beginning to cause me emotional distress. much in the same way i have ONE person who i allow to cut my hair, i have just one esthetician who i can trust to take care of my brows. i have sensitive skin and come from a hairy people, so the combination of my tendency to have overgrown eyebrows and to break out in a rash when i attempt to remedy the situation calls for some delicacy and skill on the part of my waxer. lucky for me, i found Jojo, and not only is she, like, one of the loveliest people i have ever met in real life, she does a fantastic job keeping the brows in check. but, scheduling can be a challenge, and brokeness has been rearing its ugly head causing me to have an ugly head. i mean seriously. ew.

and have you SEEN the price of the refill razor heads for the Venus Embrace® holy shitfire leroy! lets just say i had hairy ankles for a few weeks there.

all of this adds up to me feeling sorry for myself not only cause i am broke, but also cause i am hairy and broke. homemade pedicure nothwithstanding (and so far lacking any hair on my toeknuckles) all of this poorness leaves me all furry and frumpy.