my child is full of intellectual curiosity. she likes to know how stuff works, why things happen, and when dinner is going to be. and i have made it my policy to always be honest with her. sometimes this results in my saying

i am not comfortable talking about this with you, so i’m afraid i have nothing to say

but last week i dodged a bullet of gargantuan proportions which then managed to hit someone else full force. poor Gramma…. respecting the wishes of myself and her son, she tackled a topic i would have been squirmy, but resigned to address myself.

you see, hodie was surfing around the internets on Gramma’s unfiltered internet connection and, well, she saw some things. and these things prompted the following series of questions (as recounted by Gramma)

“What’s come?”
“What’s it made out of?”
“What is it for”
“It makes babies?”
“Why do people sometimes eat it?”
“Does it make you sick if you eat it?”
“Is it like eating babies?”
“Does it taste good?”
“What if I don’t want to eat it?”
“Why are grownup so weird and gross?”
thanks for taking that one for the team Gramma…