Go To The Gym this one was pretty easy. it got a little harder once i arrived. the PRL has some* experience in the fitness area and has been putting me through my paces. i tried to replicate the workout we did last week; probably with only limited success…

push-ups with weights: grab some barbells, place them on the floor and then hold them under either hand as you do a pushup. then lift the weights back toward the chest alternating sides. these are hard. i hafta do the pushup part on my knees like a girl. 😛

chest press: typical barbell seated lift. used 20’s which was better than i could manage last week.

lat pull: the hardest part here was keeping the ball under my behind, i swear.

modified pull ups: feet on balance ball horizontal pull ups with a cross bar. did 30 of those. word.

leg press: last week i was pressing 170 at one point. not this week. 130 about killed me. butt still hurts.

i also tried to swim but forgot my goggles. ah well.

Sewing Project

gift season is upon us. i’m making presents this time. needed yards and thread and notions. now to find a machine…


yeah. still working on that one.

* and by “some” i mean a real lot.