This world is full of such inexplicable beauty, and sorrow, all at once. Instinct and reason war with one another; for all that I am blessed my child is perfectly safe, the desire to go collect her and wrap her in my arms is nigh on irresistible. 


I have known despair; been intimate with it in ways that many people have not. I have faced darkness, fear, and even rage, but never once has my mind strayed to believe that exacting suffering on others would make me feel good, or strong, or in control. 


Faulty wiring, soullessness; these are inadequate explanations for the actions some humans take against their fellow man. No cause or justification can mitigate the profound trauma that recent events have on the victims and on the collective consciousness. All we can hope to do is draw each other closer, love each other more deeply, and willfully turn toward the light.