but first… there was serious lounging to do. i had all day to kill, no money, no ideas, and a bathing suit. so. i parked myself on the deck of the pool of the hotel next to mine and sat there. for six hours.

normally this would be impossible for me since i have the attention span of a gnat and don’t especially like the hot hot heat. however, with nowhere else to go, i stayed put. forced lounging; new concept in my experience.  i was pretty religious about reapplying my sunscreen, but i did fail to adequately cover the crease between my hip and thigh. this is NOT a fun place to get a sunburn. no.

perhaps most annoying about all of this was lack of book and crappy night’s sleep prior. i was TRYING to relax, and would have given my left nut to be able to fall asleep, but it was too hot to doze. i kept having to get another towel damp and drape it over my face. not so restful.

finally i gave up and went inside where i discovered that i had access to the spa facilities. oh to have PRODUCT IN MY HAIR for the first time in days. it was bliss. bliss i tell you. not to mention using conditioner. sweetbabyjesus it was divine.

i had already decided that getting home as soon as humanly possible after the show was now my highest priority in life. i needed my bed, i needed more shirt options, i needed to be home. right the fuck now. so i decided it was time to get all my little duckies in a row so as to be able to depart from Renotown just as soon as the show was over. this included getting some gasoline, which i had not done since Lakeview.

well. the stupid gas station attendant back there in Lakeview FAILED TO REPLACE MY GAS TANK CAP. and so, in a panic, i began to scour the metro Reno area for a gas cap that will fit Klaus. this is not as easy as i expect it to be, and i spend about an hour going from Knecht’s to Autozone to Reno Salvage to Kraagen and spend at least 15 minutes on the phone with two seperate male automotively inclined loved ones who reassured me that the lack of a gas cap is unlikely to result in Klaus or i bursting into flames. but then, i found a new cap anyway. whew.

having averted this minor automotive crisis, and flushed with triumph, i made my way to the amphitheater and parked myself in line. i was first. by about 15 minutes. but after six hours by the pool, a 45 minute wait for the gate was nothing. i did discover happily that the opening act was another band of which i am very fond, but did not realize was on tour with Neko. so hooray! Crooked Fingers for the price of Neko!

the venue was lovely and nicely sized. the weather was soft and breezy. sunset perfectly timed. i scampered inside and spread my blankie on the lawn closest to the far right side of the stage (the better to see you with my one good eye!) and settled down with my bag o’ tricks to occupy myself til showtime.

and it was glorious. Neko has such a following in Portland that there would have been no way to see her in such a setting. and apart from the fact that this allowed me to be about 30 yards away from her to watch the show, it also colored the tone and timbre of the performance. it was friendly and engaged, intimate and warm like the night in which it was set. i could see the nuance of expression on her face, the comments she made under her breath at her band mates. and her voice was like warm honey. she played the songs i most wanted to hear, and when i chirped my enthusiasm for a particular song she made a gently mocking reply. i have decided we had a moment.

and then, the moment passed. the show ended. i changed into my jammies, climbed into the drivers seat, and with only a pause and admire the wash of stars with Jupiter wheeling more closely than it will for 867 years and two stops to sleep, i barreled home at one shot. and apart from the funny smell from the trash i forgot to take out before i left, it was never more welcoming than in that particular too-bright haze of morning.